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Yoga: Which Health Benefits are True?

Hundreds of different workouts are trending these days but, yoga remains a crowd favorite. Did you know that according to documents found this practice is as old as 10,000 years old? That is how lengthy and rich is its history and has four core eras which are Vedic, Pre-Classical, Classical, and Post-Classical. All of these revolves around revolution, training, and development.

Although its origin is indeed in India, religions like Sufism, Buddhism, and Jainism integrate it too. The western world and possibly every person on Earth has heard of it and wishes to practice it as well. Why? It is because of the many health benefits attainable the moment you practice yoga.

Are health advantages true?

Prevents Migraine Attack

Can you count the times when migraine stifle your life? It must have been quite a lot already and taking the pill has become the last resort.

However, did you know that yoga therapy is a proven preventive measure?

When you do the poses, which releases muscles and head tensions, these effectively reduce the migraine’s occurrence.

Improves Your Breathing Capacities

Many people neglect the scientific fact that breathing technique has a massive effect on their health.

It enhances your vital capacities which is an extreme importance for individuals who are enduring heart problems, lung disease and the most common asthma.

Breathing exercises are worth trying and the health effects are great.

Increases Strength

You may have heard it many times that doing yoga promises to improve your flexibility and strength. The poses at first glance seems easy to achieve. But, in all honesty, it requires concentration, focus and strength as well.

Through the daily sessions, you will notice that your endurance, flexibility, balance and strength will be better.

Calms Away Depression, Stress and Anxiety

These days, the world news often fills you with doubt, insecurity and fear. Society has evolved in a way where people are drawn to bashing others than lovingly support their neighbors.

Did you know that in the 70s, the steps to stress-reduction methods and meditation were already among the prime treatments for anxiety and depression? Yoga encourages meditation and breathing methods as it teaches you to self-soothe, relax, meditate, exercise all at once.

It reduces your blood pressure, heart rate, and eases your respiration which has been proven to achieve the results of healthier stress and anxiety response.

How to start your yoga sessions?

What do you need to start your yoga journey gently? There are different types of yoga and you may pick one that fits your health or preference.  But, it is best to start with the beginners’ sessions than work your way up.

  • Hatha for beginners
  • Restorative yoga or Yin
  • Power Yoga
  • Vinyasa Flow
  • Iyengar
  • Kundalini

Choose a mat that is within your budget and never start without your hand and mat towels.  Choose clothes that are not heavy and fits snugly to your body. Nothing too skimpy though or too loose because you would want to move as freely and as comfortably as possible. Keep your water bottle close for rehydration!

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