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How Can Tea Leaves Fight Off Cancer Cells?

How can a cup of tea leaves make any difference and truly fight off the big C? As a rule, healthy cells are produced to do their tasks in your body and then naturally die off. Cancer cells are far too rebellious and won’t go easily, continuing to multiply. Chemotherapy has become among the top selections of modern western medicine technology to aid cancer patients.

Diminishing the cancer cells is possible, but the healthy cells are affected too, killing it also in the process. Yet, when there is life, there’s hope. As nonharmful methods to lower and fight off the risk of cancer comes from tea leaves!

Cups for Healthy Cells

Although its history is incredibly lengthy and intricate, documentations prove that ancient China and India were among the birthplace of tea culture. Its popularity grew rapidly, soon, plantations all over the world became widespread.

Who would have thought that the tea leaves natural components have powerful preventive effects against cancer cells?

If you are not too fond of tea parties but currently enduring cancer or would wish to avoid it, have a cup right now!

Which among the hundreds of tea variants are scientifically-proven to decrease the dangers of cancer?

Cancer-Fighting Natural Beverages!

Chaga Mushroom

  • Since it is a mushroom, it’s a fungus and ultimately acknowledged for its natural medicinal properties.
  • It stimulates your immune system and strengthens it optimizing its defense from infections.
  • Anti-tumor.
  • It assists the body in producing thousands of new and healthy cells.
  • Helps cancer patients from its component, betulinic acid and cancer eliminating phytosterols
  • It offers comfort and relief from nausea and promotes healthy digestion.


  • Apigenin is a substance found in chamomile, a notable flavonoid binding 160 different types of protein found within the human body.
  • Chamomile is the best and most relax-inducing variant.
  • Bisabolol oxide A or also recognized as BSBO, an intensively powerful compound proffering the anti-inflammatory properties from chamomile.
  • Capable of shrinking cancer cells faster than any other selections.


  • The catechin concentrations which are accessible from it are the most active, potent, and abundant.
  • The polyphenols that are predominant in green teas are free radical and protect the healthy cells from damages from volatile oxygen species.
  • Anti-tumor as it effectively decreases tumor growth.
  • Studied for its encouraging impacts on many different cancer types, such as breast, ovarian, lung, stomach, and more.

The big C is frightening, often through proper nutrition and ditching the unhealthy diet you can prevent it.

Although these types of teas are low in caffeine, it also beneficial for you to keep hydrated through water therapy.

The food you eat and the drinks you consume will often determine your overall health. Toxins, preservatives, flavorings from food in the grocery markets are not the healthiest choices. Going organic produce and having cups of tea is a great step to nutrition and wellness!

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