The Science and Benefits of Mindfulness

As the world is facing COVID-19, what can you do to ease the stress and worries? Is it by giving in to your cravings and eat delicious foods? Would you play video games for hours or dedicate your time to catching up on TV series and movies? Maybe gardening is a better choice? Whatever the choice, it all boils down to coping the best way we can, right?

But, did you know that there is an astounding and scientific method that you can do which will benefit you more? Say hello to the art of mindfulness!

What does it mean anyway?

It is the carry out a genuine significance of consciousness. Focusing on your feelings, thoughts, and bodily vibrations, and the environment with a nurturing and calm viewpoint. It encourages you to be fully present in the moment. To be aware of where you are and your actions.

Research has shown of mindfulness meditation altered the brain of patients who were suffering from mental health issues. Among these are depression, anxiety, Fibromyalgia, and post-traumatic stress disorder. What’s more interesting are the studies proving that the physical state of the individuals benefits through the program.

What are the advantages of mindfulness?

Did you know that stress can have a deteriorating side-effect on your overall health? Your body’s defensive intuition kicks in and your stress-response happens. It protects you. When you are overwhelmed, the nervous system has become strained. The cognitive, emotional, physical and behavioral problems commence. Mindfulness helps reveal what is concealed in your heart and mind of why you react the way you react on certain matters. In a way, it provides you the answer to the questions that keep on attacking you. Opening a path to understanding and acceptance. You now have unlocked the adaptive response to stress and react adequately.

Like two peas in a pod, concentration and paying attention work together at best, important factors when it comes to cognitive abilities. Mindfulness is the remedy to a wandering mind that can fall an easy victim to a negative consequence. How is that possible? As you perform mindfulness regularly, the brain’s cerebral cortex coagulates thus resulting in flexible cognitive.

There are also scientific researches proving that the integrative body-mind training or IBMT showed positive changes in structure within the brain. This means the technique protest your mental health from any illness or a possible disease. It has been proven of regulating a person’s behavior and boosting its efficiencies.

In all honesty, this technique is not a walk in the park. You have to find a space where you can dedicate the time for practicing. A conscious effort, if you will, because the present is now and this is the most important moment you will find yourself in. You can get through this, be mindful.

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