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Dark Chocolate Vs. Milk Chocolate: Which Is Best?

Dark chocolate vs. milk chocolate? Is there a need to choose between the two?

As a chocoholic, you would know the typical favorite of the community is the milk chocolate variant.

However, that doesn’t mean that dark chocolate enthusiasts aren’t rising in numbers.

Let’s get down to the facts and see which of these are best for your tastebuds and health.

Facts on These Snacks

These treats’ main ingredient comes from cocoa beans of cacao trees—native trees within Central and South America.

Base on history, Latin America’s early civilizations were the initial discoverers of turning the cacao plants into chocolates.

As time passes by, the popularity of cocoa grew more robust, especially in Europe. Sooner, mixtures of sugar and milk became a chosen specialty.  

Milk Chocolates

Yes, the content for the creations of it does come from the cocoa beans. However, the cocoa solids are only about 20-25%. It even varies on the label or manufacturers. There are speculations that butyric acid is added to these to acquire a specific taste.

The essential ingredients are cocoa butter, milk, a liquor made of chocolate, and sugar. There are alternative selections of these ingredients to which manufacturers would sometimes use as well. Other contents are vanilla and lecithin.

As you can see, cocoa content is minimal, while sugar and milk are high. It appears that although it does have a luscious taste, it lacks the maximum health benefits from cocoa.

Dark Chocolates

How will you know it’s the real one? Check out the cocoa content. When it’s 70%, and up, then you’ve got the best dark chocolate bar in your hand.

Lacking the sweetness, it does not shy away from nutrients your body needs.

It is high in antioxidants, which defuses the free radicals that thwart oxidative stress. As a result, it lessens the risks to acquire diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart diseases, Alzheimer’s, to name a few.

Helps also with: However, in as much as you plan to keep on eating, it is wise to keep it in moderation.

  • Lessening the risks of heart diseases
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Enhances brain functions
  • Insulin resistance

But is it truly reasonable to consume it in significant amounts?

Because of the cacao solids, you can expect that the flavanols are attainable through this variant.

Honestly, the decision is yours whenever you have a craving for a certain flavor. However, depriving yourself is never a good option. So, be wise and always keep it in moderation.

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