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Overnight Oats: Why Everyone Is Going Crazy About It

Overnight oats are gaining a lot of buzz for a few years now. For some, it’s only oats. For others, it is the snack that offers the nutrition a person needs without deprivation of excitement and flavor.

Have you ever been curious why everyone is going crazy about it? Find out here!

A Little Bit of History Is Important

In ancient times, oats weren’t a primary choice of grain in comparison to barley and wheat. It appears only as a weed in the wild in those ages.

It took a little for the cultivation to happen. However, even then, it was notably a choice for medicine rather than food. Soon, the discovery of it being fit for consumption was not planned at all.

The evolution of a weed turned to nourishment took quite a while. But these days, you possibly won’t know anyone who has never had a bowl of nutritious oatmeal.

Soak It Up!

In the past, ancient people more often ferment or soak whole grains. These ideas came to life in those times because of the lack of refrigerators. It’s one of the best means to preserve the oats and to avoid any illnesses effectively.

Soon, technological developments grew, and traditional food culture was somewhat not too often followed. The hasty preparations of oats have become popular. However, health advocates and coaches share that there’s a better way to have your oats soaking at room temp to treat phytic acid.

Soaking it up at room temperature before cooking and adding healthy ingredients will offer you more benefits than simply putting it inside the refrigerator.

Why Everybody Loves Overnight Oats It?

It’s because it gives you the sweetness you need to feed your cravings and get the nourishment at the same time.

Most recipes share that you put it in the fridge, thus, “overnight oats.” However, if you have extra time to spare, soaking it a day before creating different recipes and storing it isn’t bad either.

Plus, don’t forget about the health benefits in store for you, such as;
  • It is granting you the best soluble fiber in a jar!
  • It lessens the elevation of your insulin inactivity and maintains your blood sugar levels.
  • Improves your digestive system’s health!
  • Vitamins and minerals are better absorbed!

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