Apple Cider Vinegar: The Ultimate Choice for Weight Loss

Whenever people talk about weight loss, apple cider vinegar has become the first few words many would suggest. Why is that? How does it work? What are its other benefits other than weight loss if there are any?

Fermentation to Perfection

The traditional process would often take about a month but, because of technological improvements manufacturers are now capable to reproduce within a day!

The procedure of fermentation often involves crushing or cutting the apples and then combining the yeast. Why do they need to add the yeast? It is to convert the sugar from the apples into alcohol.

The second phase of the process is to supply the mixture with bacteria to encourage the chemical change of alcohol to acetic acid.

Did you know that there are two ways to know if your body is too acidic or has more alkaline? It will depend upon your symptoms.

How Crucial is Acetic Acid to a Person?

This is the main reason why ACV will help you lose and burn the excess fat in your body.

A person’s stomach is naturally acidic and its pH level is between 2-3. Acetic acid’s level is 2.5, thus, making it the best and ultimate reason for you to consume apple cider vinegar if you want to lose weight.

Why? It is because the acetic acid which is accessible through the vinegar helps your body transport the minerals. It allows the enzymes to work and most of all increases your metabolism rate.

What to Expect when Consuming ACV?

  • Has the capacity to lower your blood sugar levels.
  • As your body metabolism improves, it means the fat-burning capabilities of your body is in effect. As a result, decreases the liver’s fat and sugar production.
  • It efficiently suppresses your cravings! One of the most common issues people encounter when going on a diet is the pangs of cravings. ACV has acetate which signals the brain to control it and successfully leading to a reduction of food intake.
  • This type of vinegar also has the power to kill viruses and bacteria based on the scientific studies accessible today.
  • The ACV can lower your blood pressure as it inhibits the enzyme from narrowing the blood vessels and relaxing it.

So, if you are seriously considering to lose weight the natural and healthy way, consuming ACV in small portions with warm water, lemon and ginger is the best choice for you!

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