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Ways to Motivate Yourself to Workout

COVID-19 confined us to our respective homes. People learned to build new habits such as exercising to boost one’s immunity. As time goes by, you feel unmotivated to do your usual exercises. Today, this article will share simple yet helpful ways to motivate yourself to workout.

Study shows that your motivation to workout is correlated to your personality. Results found out that extroverts are more active than neurotics among women.

  1. Vary exercise routines

One reason that lessens your thrill to exercises is the boredom you feel doing the same thing during workout. In order to boost your motivation on working out, explore different routines of exercises. This will help you to become more exciting every time you work out.

  • Track your progress

Second, learn to track your progress so that you will be more motivated. Seeing progress will keep you going until you reach your goals. Doing this reminds you about your progress.

  • Imply 2-minute rule

One of the ways to motivate yourself to workout is to apply the 2 minute-rule. Make things easier in the beginning to kick-start your mood to exercise. That’s why some people wear their workout clothes while sleeping; they don’t have any excuse not to do it when they roll out the bed the next day.

  • Remind yourself with your purpose

Exercising regularly should not be a burden to anybody. Thus, every person needs to realize a strong purpose why they are doing it. Reminding themselves about their “why” will motivate them.

  • Schedule your exercise

The key to be consistent is to incorporate your workout routine to your calendar or schedule.  Keep in mind that prioritization entails allotment of time.

  • Have a workout buddy

      Workout can be more fun when someone is accountable with your progress. In this new normal, you can use the technologies and social media to contact your workout buddy when you do your exercises. With this, you do not only hone your health but also your accountability to other people.



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