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Why You Should Engage Your Core While Working out?

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Whenever you are working out, fitness instructors keep on telling you to engage your core. Core does not only pertains to your abs but the mid-areas of your body including the front, back, and sides. The purpose of this article is to explain to you the benefits of engaging your core muscles.

“When we talk about your core, think of it as a group of muscles that stabilize your spine,” says fitness trainer BB Arrington, NASM-CPT. Tightening the said parts while working out is very important.

  • It can maintain a healthy posture

Since your core is connected to your spine and pelvis, focusing on your core while working out can maintain and also improve your posture.

  • Improves coordination and balance

“Core strength is intimately related to balance because you need good stability at your core to have safe and effective movement at the hip, knee, and ankle,” says Kailin Collins, a physical therapist at Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital.

  • Prevents back injuries

As you engage your core while exercising, stresses, and pain from your lower back can be prevented and relieved as well. With weak core muscles, you can injure your back when these delicate structures are put under strain like sitting for longer hours.

  • Improves athletic performance

Harvard University stated that engaging your core while working out can improve one’s athletic performance. Your core is responsible for various sports movements like twisting, jumping, and bending.

  • Lowers the risk of getting injuries

When you keep your core tight while doing exercises, you build more strength on your core. Thus, you can do more routines without getting injuries. Plus, this can also lessen your downtime making it more convenient for you to do things.

After all, focusing on your abs while working out does not guarantee a strong core. When you decide to exercise regularly, you need to incorporate the different parts of your body such as arms, glutes, and legs. Keep in mind that core exercises should be done regularly to obtain promising benefits.



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