4 Morning Routines to Keep Your Gut Healthy

To kick-start your day, it is essential to keep your gut healthy for physical and mental well-being. Here are four simple and helpful morning routines that are recommended by dietitians to address your bloating problems.

  1. Keep yourself hydrated

After rolling out of bed, make it a habit to reach a glass of water than scrolling your social media feeds during the morning. Drinking water first thing in the morning will prevent constipation. According to Jess Cording, M.S., R.D., CND, a registered dietitian, keeping yourself hydrated will help things move smoothly going to the GI tract.

Keep in mind that room temperature and ice-cold water will do but warm water fastens your digestion. Based on a study, warm water during the morning is beneficial for the intestines as well.

2. Take some probiotics

Aside from water, probiotics in the morning can keep your gut healthy. Probiotics improve digestion, address stomach discomfort. and manage bloating.

Moreover, drinking probiotic first thing in the morning optimizes the effectivity of the supplement than drinking it after a meal.

3. Consume fiber

Food rich in fiber is essential in making your gut healthy. Fiber improves digestion, makes you feel full for a long time, and maintain sugar level. Cording recommends adding 7 to 10 grams of fiber during breakfast.

4. Manage stress

Managing stress is one way to ensure the well-being of your mind. According to Cording, stress can significantly affect your digestion and gut health.

In order to manage stress, you can do yoga, meditation, gratitude journal, and reading inspirational passages. Maggie Michalczyk, R.D suggested that writing a to-do list every morning can help you organize your thoughts from being overwhelmed by tons of responsibilities.


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