The Difference Between Weight Loss and Fat Loss

People nowadays are being hooked to become healthy and fit. However, they are confused between weight loss and fat loss. This article will help you to differentiate the two types of losses that have been common to be uttered by fitness enthusiasts.

There is a misconception about losing weight in order to obtain a full-body transformation. Weight loss refers to a reduction of one’s weight. That’s why people who wanted to lose weight often weigh themselves. However, this only measures one’s body fat, muscle, and water.

Have you ever noticed that there are several pounds difference from your weight in the morning and the evening? It’s because the human’s weight normally fluctuates.

“A general weighing scales will tell us our weight. From this, you can see if you have lost body weight or not. But remember, this figure is not interpreted using a scale. The scales do not tell you if your weight is healthy or unhealthy, it doesn’t tell you where you hold weight on your body, and it doesn’t account for muscle mass,” William Eames noted.

If you want to see body transformation, you need to focus on reducing fat. Fat loss focuses on reducing calories and consumption of macronutrients such as protein, carbohydrate ,and good fats.

How to measure weight loss and fat loss?

Like I’ve mentioned earlier, weight loss can be measured through a weighing scale. Fat loss, on the other hand, can be measured through the following:

  • Anthropometric Measurements
  • Progress pics
  • How you look/feel
  • Performance/energy
  • Confidence
  • How clothes fit

There’s nothing wrong to manage your weight when you aim to obtain a full-body transformation. It is ideal to measure your progress while having a diet and working out for you to see the results you wanted.

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