5 Reasons Why the Leaves of Your Plants Turn Into Yellow

Are you curious why the leaves of your plants turn into yellow? It is very frustrating to see some yellow pigments on the leaves while you are trying to maintain the plant’s health. Here are some reasons you need to know about the yellow spots of your plants.

1. Lack of light

When the leaves of your plants turn into yellow it indicates that they need more sunlight. Increasing the light they obtain, photosynthesis also increases.

If you are wondering that some of your indoor plants are turning yellow, check if they are placed in a well-lit area.

2. Moisture stress

Plants can also suffer stress like humans, especially if they overwatered and underwatered. Check if your soil is too dry or too wet.

If the soil is too dry, it is recommended to let the pot sit on a dish in order to recollect the water and allow the roots to absorb more water.

Respectively, if you see that the soil is too wet, water the plant less frequently.

3. Lack of plant nutrition

If you can see that the leaves turn yellow and they are deformed, these symptoms indicate that the plants need nutrition. If there are no pest saround, your plants require nutrition.

To solve this problem, it is ideal to choose a fertilizer that is at the labeled rate. Moreover, as suggested in the blog post of The Still,  choose a fertilizer that contains both calcium and boron and fertilize once a month.

4. Temperature

Another common reason why your plants turn yellow is the temperature. In tropical countries, cold temperature can contribute to the yellowing of the leaves.

If there are no changes in temperature and the soil is normal, try fertilizing your plant.

5. Leaf disease is present

If there are yellow and some brown spots present in your plant’s leaves, your plant is suffering from fungi or bacteria that feed on the plant. In order to solve this, Joyce Mats of Bloomscape’s recommended to add a tablespoon or two of baking soda and a teaspoon or two of mineral oil in a spray bottle of water.



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