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How Can Juicing for Diabetes be Any Good?

Would you believe that there are 425 million people throughout the world in estimation who are suffering from diabetes? It seems that by the time in 2045, the numbers will balloon up even more and could reach 629 million. Diabetics are at an intense battle and continue seeking for both orthodox and alternative remedies. How does this illness occur? It is a chronic metabolic disease that happens when your pancreas has ceased from making insulin naturally. Can juicing for diabetes offer something positive for you?

Yes, your body, specifically, the pancreas secretes insulin and it helps to control and normalize your body’s blood sugar levels. When your body fails to regulate glucose levels, diabetes is with you throughout your lifetime. Is there hope for diabetics like you or for someone you know? Would finding recipes of juicing for diabetes create any difference?

What are the types of diabetes?

New studies have shown that there are five varieties of chronic illness and these clusters are:

  • Autoimmune (Type 1) which necessitates numerous injections of insulin
  • Insulin-deficient
  • Insulin-resistant
  • Obesity-linked, mild cases
  • Age-associated, mild cases

Clusters 2 to 5 fall into type-2 diabetes but present different forms of secondary complications. Other health risks associated with diabetes are:

  • Overweight or obesity
  • Triglycerides are high and HDL (the good cholesterol) is low
  • History in the family
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Resistance to insulin
  • Ethnicity
  • High blood pressure
  • Deskbound lifestyle or inactivity
  • Age
  • Tolerance to glucose
  • Pregnancy’s gestational diabetes

How does juicing come into the picture? Well, for one thing, in as much as orthodox therapies are available, going for natural and nutritious treatments will be beneficial for you.

Before you go overboard with your juicing plans, know the facts first, and understand that you need to practice responsible juicing. The initial goal here is to have a healthier option but, limit and control the blood sugar.

Advantages of Juicing for Diabetes

First of all, you have to understand that fruits have a high level of natural sugar especially mangoes and pineapples. In as much as they are tasty, adding these to the juices may pose danger to your health. But, not all fruits are bad for you like berries, kiwi, and apples have small sugar content.

Which would be the best choices for your diabetic juicing recipes? Vegetables fit the criteria perfectly and flawlessly! Is it okay to add some herbs? Yes, of course, cinnamon, ginger, and parsley add flavor and health improvements too.

Vegetables and fruits are jam-packed with minerals, vitamins and compounds that assist in decreasing inflammation, avert from diseases and support your general health. Even if you cannot consume as plenty fruits and vegetables as you would like, juicing grants you all the nutritious advantages with ease.

Select juicing recipes that focuses on low-carbs like lime, cucumber, lemon, spinach, celery, tomato and kale.

Portion control is imperative. You need to be as meticulous as possible and manage carbohydrates and sugar content as strictly as possible.

Vegetable-based juicing recipes are better options for diabetics but, only if the disease is under the control. Meaning, you have full knowledge of your current health condition. Never go overboard and juice responsibly!

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