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What Beginners Need to Know About Juicing!

These days, taking your health for granted is a big mistake! Yes, it can be forgiven that you were once addicted to junk food, greasy carbs, and sweet treats. Sometimes, being too busy doesn’t give you any chance to prepare a healthy meal or juicing. But, all of those junk and excuses have got to go! It is time to try something that you will definitely gain more advantage of!

What is Juicing?

Is this the same as making a smoothie? Now smoothies are incredibly delicious, but, they are not the same. Mainly because of the different processes and machines used. You use a blender for smoothies. On the other hand, you need a juicer for juicing.

There are lots of juicing machines to choose from, such as;

  • Masticating juicers
  • Centrifugal or hydraulic press juicer
  • Twin juicers
  • Hand juicer

The juicer will separate the pulp away from the produce which keeping the essential soluble fiber.

What is this type of fiber and advantages to gain?

There are two dietary fibers, soluble and insoluble. The soluble fiber dissolves into the water, ferments in your colon transforming into gas and other physiologically dynamic by-products. The perfect example would be your gut can create good bacteria as short-chain fatty acids.

The juices are indeed more concentrated, which makes it tastier and digestion is easier. As a result, your body gets to absorb all the nutrients better into the bloodstream.

What’s the difference of consuming vegetables or fruits from juicing?

There is surely nothing wrong with eating the way you want to. But, since you are aiming to acquire the all the essential nutrients, juicing is the method for you. The kids will enjoy it! What if they are not big fans of leafy greens and other vegetables? Well, by adding delicious oranges, lemons and other fruits it becomes a pleasant and healthy experience for them.

Things to ponder on before anything else:

What is your current health condition?

When you are opting for juicing, you have to consider the health condition you currently have. Sometimes, especially with fruits, the sugar might be high. Your blood sugar may experience a rapid rise. Diabetes could pose as a problem if you are not in the best shape or consumes a balanced diet. Vegetable juices would benefit you more though.

What can you expect?

There might be some side-effect from juicing and only because your body is getting rid of all the toxins effectively. For instance, you love tea, coffee, or chocolate, withdrawal effect could offer.

Your kidneys and liver will work overtime to eliminate the toxins from your blood. Expect to endure temporary headache, limbs weakening or joint pain or lethargy.

This is the detoxification process and could last from 7 up to 14 days.

When to drink the juices?

Do you know that 30 minute rule before eating? You must have heard or read about it. When you drink water 30 minutes prior to feasting on your meal, you will feel full.

Instead of water, drink the fresh juice and your stomach will absorb it quickly. Mornings are the best time for this to give you energy throughout the day. If you have plans to for later, opt for lesser sweet variants or go for full green juice recipes.

What are the best recipes to try?

For beginners, choosing fruit juice recipes are the safest option for your taste buds. Since you are still new, mild tasting fruits like apples, watermelons and oranges are great!

After a while, introduce new fruits and vegetables, as well. Never forget that the greener the juice is the better and enhanced the nutritional value you are going to get!

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