Alkaline: Is too alkaline a cause of health threats?

Alkalosis is the opposite of acidosis. It is the state where the body becomes too alkaline. People sharing that going for an alkaline diet would greatly benefit your overall health.

What if it becomes a threat too? How is it possible?

What are the common reasons why it occurs?

Every organ of the human body has a different pH level, and this also applies to your blood. In truth, the most reference of knowing its current state if the body is acidic or too alkaline is getting your blood checked.

It happens when your body does not have or cannot execute the capacities to pull in the minerals. Your body is leaning on a more base diet than acids. Common reasons for this the carbon dioxide of the blood vessels is decreasing and when the bicarbonate is rising.

If you already have health issues like hypokalemia or you have low potassium, your body may become too alkaline.

You won’t be able to pull in the minerals your body needs to perfect the pH levels too. These are magnesium and calcium.

The Different Types of Alkalosis

  • Metabolic 

Acid is essential to the body. Metabolic Alkalosis is the result when your body is losing much acid and another situation is when it’s gaining more base.

The bloodstream does not have the right amount of carbon dioxide, this will be the consequence.

The body is not getting the proper amount of potassium, the deficiency results in hypokalemic.

Chloride is also essential to the body. However, consuming in large amounts or letting it accumulate in the body through small dosages can lead to problems too.

How Would You Know if You’re Too Alkaline?

It is going to highly depend upon the symptoms that your body is experiencing or showing.

These early symptoms are the telling signs that your body is transitioning to the first stages of this health condition.

What are these symptoms?
  • Cramps
  • Cold Hands and Feet
  • Stiffness Muscles
  • Heartburn
  • Sour Stomach
  • Allergies
  • Loss of Smell and Taste
  • Nausea

When Does It Become Serious?

The moment the symptoms escalates to:

Can You Prevent it from Occurring? 

Proper nutrition is the best approach and preventive measures. The food you consume should be high in potassium and always drink lots of water and natural fruit juices.

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