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Which Vegetables Thrives without Too Much Sunlight?

In these times, people are pursuing to grow their vegetables and fruit garden in their homes. The only problem is for others is sunlight, and more specifically, there is no place that the sun is accessible.

Do you live in this area, especially planning to try urban gardening? Are your plans and dreams of having a vegetable garden won’t ever be feasible?

Not to worry because today, you will get to know all the vegetables that thrive without getting full sunlight.

How much sun exposure does a plant need?

Whenever you research plants and intended exposure, you may have heard about the full sun, partial shade, and all shaded. What do these mean, and its calculations?

  • Full shade: The plant can grow with less than 3 hours of sun exposure even lives with mirrored light alone.
  • Partial shade: Your vegetables or fruits have to get 3 to 6 hours. You may put these plants under areas with reasonable or filter.
  • Full sun: Now this, the plants need to get as much as 6 hours or more than that. What time should be the right range? Ideally, it is between 10 AM to 6 PM.

Which Vegetables Enjoys the Shade?


It is a popular choice when preparing food and herbal remedies. These are ideal for urban gardening since it does not favor getting full sun.


These crops prefer the cold season. When you place these under a location with shade, expect to yield smaller but tasty and plump roots and fresh greens.


Celeries love the cold weather and do not like excessive heat at all. Anticipate that the stalks are going to be thinner and shorter but are crunchier, delicious, and healthier.


It’s cold tolerant. The leaves are a bit bitter yet exceptionally nutrient-rich.


These are the type of plants that store lots of water in their leaves. That’s what makes the lettuce crisps yet tasty. The water ensures that the leaves are pleasant, luscious, and plump. Can you grow it under the full sun? Yes, but it may suffer and will require you to put in more and more water to save its leaves.

What other plants would thrive under a partial to full shade locations?

Leafy greens and plants. However, it is also imperative to prepare a soil mixture with good quality. Understand that since you are aiming for this type of gardening, the water requirement differs a lot. Prepare yourself for pest invasions like snails and slugs. You will be able to hinder their attacks with crushed eggshells. Furthermore, plant the seedlings indoors and the roots stable.

If it is a new concept to you, do extra research on proper garden preparations. But if you like to experiment with your knowledge and theories, that isn’t bad too! Gardening is also a learning experience so, it is best to enjoy it while knowing new things!

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