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Essential Oils: Is it all a fad?

Admit it, the essential oils are everywhere! Rumors have it that it has now become a cult and people cannot seem to get enough of it!

What do these oils have to offer you or your family? Is it worth the try knowing that there are so many options?

Which would be the ones best for your needs? Is it too expensive? Are the benefits true or is it all a fad?

Understand the basics and how to use it

As you would have guessed it, usually known as EO comes from herbal plants. It goes through the extraction process and promises to deliver health properties per usage.

Did you know that you may apply it directly to your skin, topically? It seems it is completely safe to inhale it for aromatherapy purposes. Some people have been claiming that it causes no health harm when ingested.

Does it have any healing effects?

If you will look into its richly-documented history, the essential oils are indeed used in ancient times.

Citations from the current studies show that the EO was the most common remedies chosen as analgesics, laxatives, anti-depressants, and more!

What are the different types of EO and why it’s essential for you?


When it comes to treating UTI, promoting a person’s metabolism, and even lowering your blood and sugar levels, the cinnamon oil is the best choice.


Because of the lavender’s notable calming effects, it is the olden yet golden herb that is efficient with alleviating stress and skin issues. The best option for promoting relaxation and sleep.


It is another top listed must-have herb in your garden. So, it is logical to have the rosemary oil in your collection. What can it do for you? It has the capacity to ease issues with arthritis, rheumatism, gout exhaustion. Have a scalp that is dandruff-free thanks to rosemary.


What can the spearmint EO help you with? When depression attacks, feeling nauseated, experiencing fatigue, plagued with headaches it is the oil that’s most reliable. It can even alleviate flatulence.


It is impossible to discuss herb remedies and leaving thyme out of the list. It has time-proven healing properties. For its oil, it is effective in helping diminish the problems with the respiratory system. Ailments like laryngitis and bronchitis are treatable with the use of thyme extract.

In truth, the assortments are almost limitless. There is a list of the top favorite oils that you can definitely try! Many parents are affirming the health benefits of EOs are worth the investment. As these are natural and organic resources, you can be certain that you and your children are inhaling and using safe oils.

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