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Ways to Raise a Respectful Child

Nowadays, some parents are running out of patience in raising a respectful child. Some kids do not listen to what their parents are saying. Others keep on shouting when their mothers do not give what they want. These instances are part of parenting. However, as parents, it is your obligation to discipline your children. But you can’t discipline them without instilling the value of respect. This article will give you tips on how to raise a respectful child.

Here are some ways on raising a respectful child:

  1. Walk your talk

As parents, you need to show your children how to become respectful. The key to raise a good child is to become a good example. Let your children see what kind of respect you want to receive from them. They learn effectively through experience and modeling. Never associate fear with respect. Avoid inflicting fear when you want to instill the value of respect to them.

 Most importantly, listening to your children is important in showing respect to them. Some parents do not listen while their children explain. Parents thought that they are talking back when they are trying to express their opinions.

  1. Teach your child polite responses

To empower kind actions, one needs to know on what polite words to say. Parents should always say please, sorry, and thank you. Keep in mind to explain to them why you’re saying these words. When you’re children observed that you regularly say these words, they will follow you by uttering the words in a normal conversation.

It is also important to emphasize how you utter polite words because your kids will speak to you and to other people the way you speak to them.

  1. Appreciate your child’s effort

Appreciate your child when he says please when he wants a request from you. When he shows respect to other people, affirm him for his actions. By this appreciation, you are reinforcing to him that what he’s doing and saying are right. 

  1. Call out your child’s behavior with respect

It’s hard to compose yourself when you are mad and you’re losing your patience. But as parents, you need to be patient enough in inculcating the values to your kids. When your kids speak and behave disrespectfully, call your children out respectfully. Explain to them that the tone of their voice when they speak to you makes you feel bad.

  1. Be patient

In raising a respectful child, being patient is very important. As you teach the value of respect, you also need to be consistent in showing them how to be respectful. If you often lose temper, you will have difficulty in honing a child’s manners.

Importance of Instilling the Value of Respect

 Raising a respectful child entails patience and determination. But all your efforts will be worthwhile once the child knows how to become respectful. It is important to teach your child to become respectful because this develops a positive relationship not just with their families but also to other people. Teaching your children the value of respect enables them to understand sympathy. By this, the child will grow with compassion with other people because the love is rooted from respect.


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