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Plant-based Milk: What Sorcery Is This?

Plant-based milk is all over the grocery stores these days. It looks appealing with its whitish color and packaging. The question is, should you try it? Is it milk? Is it healthy at all?

And, of course, what sorcery is this?

An Amazing Alternative from Dairy?

Ever since the beginning of time, or rather, milk is essential to your health from the moment you understood. It is a given that many children were breastfed when they were young, and many were also given a substitute, and that’s cow’s milk.

Dairy from a cow was thought of as the only calcium source when the child is finally weaned. Or that, dairy products for food and beverage choices.

However, it appears that cow’s milk and the procedures are done to it could cause health issues. For instance, the UHT process is indeed higher than the initial boiling point. Because of this, alterations occur, which renders the milk proteins into allergenic and essential enzymes destroyed.

Only those who have steel-like stomachs can digest it effectively.

Many people, even those who do not follow a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, were drawn to it upon introducing plant-based milk.

It is easy to understand why too. Besides being a fantastic alternative, you acquire possibly more calcium and nutrition without the tacky taste from cow’s milk.

Is It Wise to Buy and Drink Plant-Based Milk?

Well, if you are no longer feeling the connection for conventional milk, why not?

You have fewer worries with cholesterol, calories, allergic-reactions, lactose intolerance.

What Are Your Options?

  • Nut-based milk is almond, hazelnut, coconut, pistachio, and walnut.
  • Cereal-based are rice, oat, spelt, and corn.
  • Seed-based are sunflower, flax, hemp, and sesame.
  • Legumes also give you milk from peanuts, lupin, and soy.

Health benefits from these kinds of milk are not solely for your body but for your environment too! However, rather than purchasing commercial ones, making your own is safer and better.

What do you think?


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