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How to Encourage Your Quiet Child

Are you having difficulty making your child interact with other people? As parents, you do not have to worry about improving your child’s communication skills. With this article, you will be guided on ways on how to encourage your quiet child to socialize with others. It is important to communicate well with your children because this improves your bond with them. Here are the ideal tips to encourage your child to engage with others.

  1. Converse with your child

Learn to converse with your children to encourage them to effectively communicate with you. As children, they learn faster when you show them what you want them to understand. One of the best ways to initiate dialogue with them is by reading bedtime stories. By doing this to your children, you can develop their communication through body language, listening, and speaking. What’s more, engaging your children to bedtime stories enables them to be familiarized with the words. As a tip during bedtime stories, make it more interesting for your children. Ask them questions so that they can express what they feel. Make sure that you listen to them. The more you give them your full attention, the more they want to speak.

 For some parents, they initiate a conversation with their children during family meals. They simply ask their kids what they are up to or their whereabouts. Encourage your children to be honest all the time. Do not be upset immediately when they failed. As time goes by, your kids will not hesitate to talk with you.

  1. Allow your child to socialize with others 

Another way to encourage quiet kids is to expose them to other children. Don’t hesitate to let them play with other kids just because you’re concerned with their safety. If your kiddos are shy to socialize, gradually expose them to a not-so-large playgroup until such time they feel comfortable. Observe how they exchange conversations with their friends. By doing this, you can assess how well they can communicate. 

Not to mention, letting your kids play smartphones or watch movies on their tabs affect their social development. Too much exposure of your kids towards the gadget limits their communication. To avoid this, you can enroll them in a small playschool or allow them to play with the children from your neighborhood. Social development does not only increases children’s communication skills but also teaches them a sense of empathy with others. As young as they are, they can learn how to face consequences based on their actions.

  1. Affirm your child

Affirming your kids increases their confidence to speak.  By telling positive words, you’re not only showing them that you appreciate their deeds but also on how you want them to respond to you. Keep in mind to praise the right things because they will value the skills and the actions that you appreciated. 

Improving Children’s Social Development

The shyness of a child is normal. However, children’s social skills should be nurtured. Parents should start initiating positive communication with their children. This can encourage quiet ones to gradually interact when they used to see and experience that their parents often talk and listen to them. Ideally, you can slowly help your kids interact with a playgroup. By simply, conversing with your children, allowing them to socialize with others, and affirming them can encourage quiet kids to improve their social development.


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