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10 Easy to Maintain Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are not only home decors but home essentials that are beneficial to your family. These improve focus, enable you to breathe better air, and create a more relaxing ambiance. These benefits attribute in increasing your productivity and improve quality of life. However, numerous varieties of plants may be confusing on what houseplants to acquire for your home. Check out the best stylish and low-maintenance indoor houseplants that are perfect for your interiors.

1. Guiana Chestnut

This is commonly known as a money tree. You can place it in a portion with direct or indirect light. It can tolerate frequent watering.  

2. Chinese Money Plant

If you’re looking for a plant that does not need to be watered daily, the Chinese money plant is for you. This plant can be watered weekly. Plus, if you wish to keep more money plant, the offshoots that sprout from the base of the plant can be easily replanted.

3. Aloe

Keeping aloe at home is very convenient. You can place it in a warm place with abundant light. It doesn’t need a lot of watering to live.

4. Snake plant

Opting for a robust type yet a modern-look greenery? Snake plant is the best type for your home interior. This is suitable for a house that has low light and dry air. Plus, its shoots grow rapidly which enables you to re-pot them. This type of plant is tough to kill. It can thrive without being watered for a month.

5. Cactus

Cactus is an ideal indoor plant that does not need a lot of care since it is adaptive. You can leave them alone and water infrequently.

6. Pothos plant

A dark room is not a hindrance when you want to obtain indoor house plants. A pothos plant can thrive to a low light place and has varying colors that are appealing to the eyes.

7. Herbs

If you’re looking for stylish, fragrant and edible home plants, herbs are the best ones to keep. It is ideal to put them near the window and water them every other day. Compared to other houseplants, this type is a practical one.

8. Dieffenbachia

Looking for a plant that suits your curtained window? Dieffenbachia’s yellow pigment is fantastic and modern. It regenerates easily and can tolerate poor treatment.

9. Cast-Iron Plant

The cast-iron plant is adaptive and sturdy to a poor-quality soil, low light, wide range temperatures, and spotty watering. Its foliage rises to two feet when it matures. Even more, this type of plant is rarely being infected by diseases.

10. English Ivy

English ivy has an elegant impact on your home furniture since it has an attribute to crawl down as it grows. For some, they use this plant as a gift because of its simple and sophisticated beauty. This plant thrives in a cool temp room.

Keeping Easy-to- Manage Indoor House Plants

Indoor plants are beyond their coziness and the touch of nature they offer in your house interiors. There are indoor houseplants that can withstand extreme conditions and minimal plant care. Owning this kind of home essentials are hassle-free and practical. You do not only beautify your house but you also improve the quality of your living. 


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