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Can Coconut Oil Help with Mental Health Care?

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These days, it seems more and more people are seeking out the best means to acquire health with the help of organic resources. In all honestly, it is also a natural reaction because Mother Earth gives life and heals as well.

Among the most famous on the internet, is coconut oil. Now, to acquire the oil, the coconut’s white flesh needs to go through different forms of extractions. There are ordinary coconut oils and other types like a virgin and extra virgin selections. All of these are accessible to your use whether for cooking or other natural remedies.

Mental health concerns have indeed skyrocketed these times. It is extremely important to also care for your mental health because it is where our cognitive functions initially rely on. Protecting your brain is essential in the same efforts of caring for your physical health.

But, what are the components that make the coconut oil an impressive choice for assisting mental health care?

Medium Chain Fatty Acids or the MCTs

Did you know that oils that come from plants are certified with long-chain triglycerides? Only a few are the best resources and among them is the coconut oil.

The MCTs composition in coconut oil is exceptional and distinct as it is smaller. It can be broken easily and provides backup sources as the brain’s energy.

It composes the coconut oil of up to 65%. These are no ordinary fatty acids because as it’s specifically and naturally designated with the number of carbon molecules chain from six to twelve (6-12). It promotes the nootropic advantages which contribute greatly to your brain’s health.

A person who suffers from mental health issues usually has low fatty acids consumption. It means, when you do go on low-fat diets, your brain becomes ill.

What is a nootropic?

It can either be supplements, drugs, substances that have the capacities to enhance cognitive functions, memory, motivation, executive functions, and creativity. It must shield the brain and amplify natural cognitive progressions. The nootropic should never be toxic, nor should it rouse or depress the human brain.

Yes, it is indeed relatively new and coined by Dr. Corneliu Giurgea in 1972, a Romanian psychologist and chemist. In 1963, Dr. Guirgea Piracetam was synthesized.

Why Do You Need Fatty Acids for Brain Health?

Fundamentally, every organ in your body needs fat and especially, your brain and is made up of fat, the whole 60% of its weight.

Did you know that the integrity of your brain’s cell membrane depends mostly on the quality of fats you are consuming? The brain’s cell membranes are ever so crucial for the function and health of the brain. Why? Because the cell membranes control and absorb the essential nutrients while pushes out toxins from the brain.

So, to get a healthy cognitive function, you need to add the essential fatty acids to your diet.

Are there mental health problems that can rely on coconut oil?

Yes, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are among it especially, when following the Mediterranean diet. Studies have also shown stress and even depression was alleviated from consuming the coconut oil.

Even if you do not have any mental health concerns but, would want to pursue better overall health, coconut oil can be a prime addition to your diet.


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