Are You Dehydrated? These Symptoms Affirm It

What happens to your body when you are dehydrated? Are you active in sports? Could it be possible for you are not fond of drinking water? 

Did you know that when your body is experiencing dehydration will not function fitly?

Dehydration stages differ from mild to a severe degree due to;
  • Sweating too much because of marathons or strenuous activities.
  • Fever
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Consuming diuretic and going to the bathroom often to urinate.

When it comes to activities, it is always better to sweat it out as this releases the toxins from the body. However, if you do not replenish the water lost from such movements, you may suffer.

What causes this occurrence?

Don’t you agree that these days, your school tasks and work keeps you too busy? In an attempt to finish these at the right time and on schedule, you might have relied more on drinking caffeinated, sweet, or energy drinks.

Did you know that this depletes your body of the water you need, and you don’t drink enough at all? 

The symptoms of dehydration from mild to severe;
  • Feeling thirsty.
  • You don’t pee as much as before, and its color becomes dark yellowish.
  • Sudden bouts of headache.
  • Your skin becomes dry to extremes.
  • Muscle cramps become frequent.
  • You feel dizzy and leading to faint.
  • Your heartbeat and breathing are rapid.
  • The lack of energy becomes apparent.
  • You cannot help always feeling irritable or confused.
  • The eyes are sunken.

Are these symptoms different for children?

Since younger kids are overwhelmed with their daily activities and enjoy playing, they cannot always decipher their thirst and ends up dehydrated. Juices and other sweet beverages, and even milk won’t help at all. And this is especially the smaller ones.

The most common signs are:

  • If the baby’s diaper is dr, even though he or she has been wearing it for 3 hours or more already, no peeing.
  • The tongue and mouth are dry.
  • Very irritable, is lethargic, and always wanting to sleep instead of being the usual active and playful self.
  • Their cheeks and eyes are sunken.
  • Their skin as you pinch it does not bounce back to its original form.

Can vegetables cause dehydration too?

The truth of the matter is, fiber-rich vegetables can cause dehydration. It is because the body isn’t equipped to process the extensive fibers present in the food retains fluid and leading to constipation. That is why drinking enough water is important.

Is treating and recovering from dehydration possible?

For mild cases, it is possible to get treatment by increasing water intake or with solutions that have salt.

What about moderate to severe cases?

For these situations, it is best to replenish the lost electrolytes by consuming oral rehydration solutions alongside sodium and potassium.

ORS are accessible over the counter, and keeping some at home for emergencies would be beneficial for you and your family.

What if you cannot buy immediately, can you make it at home?

Yes! All you need for homemade ORS are;

  • 1/2 tsp. of salt
  • 6 teaspoons of sugar
  • A liter of water, preferably boiled and cooled or the bottled water.

Other remedies when you are dehydrated?

  • Yogurt
  • Vegetables and fruits are rich in water.
  • Coconut water, the best natural electrolyte source!
  • Cucumber and lemon water!

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