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Coconut: Why Is It Considered a Super Food?

Photo by Ging Ang from Pexels

Coconut is becoming an ultimate crowd favorite within the ketogenic diet and vegan community.

However, people who do not belong to these communities are expressing their interest. Have you been investigating different and new recipes to try with coconut meat, milk, and water?

Which Parts are Best to Eat and Avoid?

What? There are parts of the coconut that isn’t good for you? Is that even possible?

It seems like a shock, but there’s an explanation for everything.

The coconut fruit comes from a tree nut. It is a given that it’s enormous. Nonetheless, it belongs to the nut family. Do you know anyone who has a tree nut allergy? If so, never give them food or drinks that have this ingredient. It can set off a person’s reaction.

Now, it does seem kind of rare for anyone to have a proven allergic reaction to it. Still, it does not hurt to be cautious.

High Sugar in Coco Water?

I bet you’ve never heard this before, right? as many people associate it as the best beverage for dehydration due to exercise or diarrhea. But if it’s a good source of treatment, why is it bad for you? Sugar is never good for anyone’s body. It causes inflammation and multitudes of illnesses.

The truth is, the variation you need to avoid are the ones that are bottled up or in carton boxes. Most of these have added sugar.

Fresh ones are the most suitable choices because they are new, refined sugar-free, and an excellent electrolyte source!

It’s the Meat that Counts!

The white, meaty flesh of the giant nut is perfectly healthy to add to your diet. It’s nutritional value for a cup or 80 grams of the fresh meat are:

  • Calories
  • Carbs
  • Copper
  • Fat
  • Fiber
  • Iron
  • Phosphorus
  • Potassium
  • Protein
  • Selenium
  • Sugar
  • Zinc

The meat;

  • supports weight loss
  • helps your gastrointestinal tract by keeping it healthy
  • Stabilizes the blood sugar levels
  • Improves your body’s immune system
  • Enhances brain function


It comes from dried and grounded meat. The taste is exquisitely unique, provides a tasteful flavor. Amazing for bread, pastries as it absorbs liquid well. Since it does not have massive lectin content, the flour will be good for your gut and overall health.

Milk and Cream

The milk and cream are another crowd favorite for culinary recipes and as a dairy alternative. These have high healthy fat and exceptionally low in sugar.


Virgin coconut oil in moderation is undoubtedly good for your body. However, the notion that ingesting more amounts will equate to an instant result is wrong.

1 to 2 tablespoons a day will suffice, and doing it often on an empty stomach does wonder to your health.

The cooking oil version promotes the same benefits, as well. If and maybe you’d like another choice, MCT, olive, and perilla seed oils are y our best selections.

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