The Advantages that Children Can Get from Homeschooling

Homeschooling will become the new normal for most of the children right now due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. But before this pandemic, children who choose homeschooling increased by 2-8 percent per annum in the United States.

Aside from being exposed to the virus, check out what are the benefits that your child can get from homeschooling.

Benefits of Homeschooling

Strong bonds between parents and child

Homeschool enables parents to monitor their children at home. They facilitate in teaching what is best for their children not just academically but most importantly, character development. Since parents spend more time with their children, they do not only strengthen the education of their children but also, nurture their bonds towards their children.

Parents can easily attend the needs of their children

With the attachment parenting, wherein parents and children are strongly bond, home seemed to be a safe environment. Homeschooled children are away from bullying and bad influences. Many students from public school became home-educated due to bullying. Moreover, kids with disability are easier to accommodate. Dr. Sheryl Reinisch mentioned that as the children become more comfortable, the more likely they will engage in the learning process.

Children became more independent

Apart from the advantages for parents, homeschooling is relatively beneficial for children.  Homeschool children have flexible time, in contrast with the public and private schools.Home-educated children develop their own independence through managing their own time.They are able to decide on what schedule applicable to them in learning since people have different pace in understanding.

Also, most of the time, home-educated children decides on their own like choosing what they prefer. They do not need to conform because they are opt in making their own decisions.

Children are more exposed in other after-school activities

Since homeschooled children have more time, they can play outside and interact with other children and with the environment. Aside from that, children can take other classes like guitar lessons, swimming, dancing, and other sports and creative activities.

Children become more happier and productive individuals

Through developing independence and social skills, children turned to be happier and productive as they grow old. A study of Dr. Ray figured out that adults that were homeschooled became more active in the community extensions than those who were enrolled in public schools.

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