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Gut Microbiome: Brain, Mind Control and Overall Health

What is the gut microbiome? Why and how does it affect your brain, help with mind control, and help your body’s overall health?

The human body is unique and holds great capacities to endure through various health crises and issues.

Every part of the body belongs to a system with a specific purpose. But did you know that your digestive system is home to a multitude of bacteria, fungi, and viruses?

Within this community of microorganisms, a healthy environment is crucial to maintain your overall health?

Gene Sequencing Technology

The theories on gut health and bacterium have been going on for many, many years ahead. However, it was a problematic scientific theory to prove to note that technology wasn’t as progressive as it was.

In the early 2000s, other science and peer-review base data became available for research and reference. What’s more, people in the field of science and medicine can discover that as unique as your body is, so is the community of organisms within you.

Every virus, bacteriophages, fungi, bacteria, protozoa, and archaeon has a fingerprint that further determines its diverse assistance to the body. The petri-dish is a thing of the past! The gene-sequencing technology enables a breakthrough with study and research on the gut microbiome and its effects.

Gut Health, Your Brain and Wellness

In this age of fast-paced lifestyle, it appears that people are fond of instant food. As much as it proffers an immediate solution to hunger, did you know it affects a person’s mental health and wellness?

All the microorganisms, specifically 100 trillion, bacteria, play an integral part in breaking down food in your digestive tract. Which then releasing essential short-chain fatty acids that trigger your nervous system.

As the digestion process continues, it simulates an immune response that eradicates destructive pathogens, as well.

Your digestive system is the “second brain,” as 500 million nerves affirm it. Did you know that it is more than the nervous system? It can operate autonomously but communicates with your central nervous system.

As a result, whatever you put inside your mouth, as you absorb the nourishments or junk, stimulates the neurotransmitters, affecting your mental health. The microbiota in your body responds to it by producing compounds that impact the gene’s biological process of your nervous system.

Whatever you eat, the stress points and your emotional state determine which organism lives within your gut.

That is why you choose what you consume and drink. Are you struggling with obesity, depression, and other mental health or wellness issues? Then the treatment is more accessible than you presumed.

Let food be thy medicine; medicine is thy food.

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