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Easy-to-Maintain Outdoor Plants for Your Garden

Starting your own garden does not entail a lot of time and resources. Easy-to-maintain plants are not only limited to indoor plants but there are outdoor plants that you can cultivate for your garden. Check out the following low-care plants that you can consider for your garden.

  1. Herbaceous peonies

Peonies can be planted during fall or spring. The DIY Network suggested that the plant’s eyes can be sowed 2 inches deep in cold regions and 1 inch deep in warmer ones.

“Peonies need well-drained soil mixed with compost or other organic materials. Work in a little fertilizer at planting and then apply organic, all-purpose fertilizer and top-dress with compost yearly,” DIY Network suggested.

2. Hawthorn tree

Hawthorn tree can survive with urban pollution, light shade, and infrequent watering. It grows 25 ft high and 35 ft wide. Moreover, the DIY network stated that “it leaves turn purple to red during fall, and their white spring flowers are followed by orange-red fruits that may remain on the tree into winter’.

3. Feather Reed Grass

Another outdoor plant that can survive during hot days is Feather Reed Grass. It is ideal to plant this in full sun, or light shade in hot summer climates, in rich, moist soil. This plant grows 18-24 inches high.

4. Creeping Thyme

Creeping Thyme is for lazy planters. This can live with occasional watering. Interestingly, its white flowers can attract pollinators such as butterflies.

5. Stonecrop

Stonecrop or creeping sedum is a type of succulent that can survive unfavorable conditions. It comes in different colors from bluish-gray to reddish-bronze.

6. Hosta

Are you looking for plants that can survive if you plant them everywhere? Hosta is one of the best plants to consider.

“Hosta is ideal in Zones 2 through 10, no matter the level of sunlight—making this groundcover an easy choice for yards with plenty of shade. Just water in the morning to prevent its green, gold, or variegated leaves from burning, and keep it hydrated throughout the day as needed,” Bobvilla explained.

7. Peppermint

In terms of herb plants, Peppermint is an outdoor plant that is easy-to-maintain. This type of plant can spread quickly in your garden. You can enjoy its abundance even you don’t manifest much care.

8. Lamb’s ear

Lamb’s ear is a low-growing perennial that is commonly used for ground cover. Even more, this plant can thrive in drought and poor soil. This plant has spikes with pink-purple flowers in the spring.

Different Outdoor Plants for Your Garden

Starting your garden today is not that difficult, especially when you choose outdoor plants that have low maintenance. Do not worry if you do not have much resources in setting your garden because there are various plants that can thrive and grow easily with unfavorable conditions.

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