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Tofu: Health Benefits and as Meat, Egg, Ingredient Replacement

Tofu comes in firm, soft, silken, extra firm varieties but admits it, and you want to taste it all!

It is relatively easy to understand why. It is a popular soya bean produce that is gaining more popularity by the minute. The curiosity tempts you to go beyond the meat-and-eggs-protein lifestyle.

Undeniably, you are still unsure of its health benefits and recipes. It’s a natural step when seeking out a healthy meal. You’ll get to know more of this nutritious food and the recipes to try too!

What is Tofu?

It is from soya beans, but the process is different from what you imagine.

The firm tofu comes from curdling soy milk. Then the curds are prepared, and by suppressing it, to create soft white blocks. For the soft tofu, they are pressing it more lightly. The silken variant offers a custard-like texture. The extra firm option is ideal for slicing, dicing for grilling, frying, and even baking!

For centuries, tofu has been a staple food choice within Asian countries. These days, millions and millions have grown to love it as their primary source of protein. Yes! If you wish to get all the essential amino acids, tofu is the food for you!

Is it nutritious aside from getting your dietary protein?

It is remarkably low in calories, without you losing any sleep as it is 100% free of bad cholesterol.

There have been a lot of issues when it comes to milk as a source of calcium. Some studies showed that cow’s milk could cause health problems rather than good. You can quickly shift to consuming bean curd to acquire two times more calcium than conventional milk.

When should you use the different types of bean curd for your meals?

Would you like to try stir-fry recipes or sandwiches? Extra-firm and even the firm is a perfect choice! 

What about your plans to create delicious yet healthy sauces and desserts? For instance, pies, smoothies, dressings, ice cream? Well then, get those silken and soft variants! What’s more, it is the ideal replacement for eggs, cream, and butter!

Should you buy just any tofu in the market?

The truth is since you have the option, then always go for organic and non-GMO.  It’s the kind of food that is versatile, wonderfully delicious, and healthy, all in one! Never miss out on the chance to enjoy a great bean curd meal!

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