Humidifiers: Could You Reap Real Health Advantages?

Are humidifiers worth the investment?

The weather might be chilly, but the air could become extremely dry. Summer and spring seasons are no exceptions also.

Did you know that dry air can cause different types of respiratory and further health problems? Why? 1 cubic of air has 500 microorganisms within its perimeter. But when the air is dry, the number of microorganisms increases three more times.

What are the common health disorders which you and your family get from dry air?

  • Stuffy and runny nose
  • Swollen nasal lining
  • Hard time breathing properly
  • The sinus area tingles
  • Bouts of headaches
  • If you have chronic bronchitis, it can trigger it to become active again
  • Allergic colds
  • Dry eyes and allergies
  • Skin peels, dries, becomes red
  • An individual’s metabolism is also affected as it slows down

Health Advantages with Humidifier

It is important to keep the air in your home and office with the right humidity. Although it can be a little tricky taking control of the humidity levels indoor, it does not mean that everything is hopeless.

In truth, humidifiers promote 30% to 50%levels that are the ideal ranges.

These devices provide the hydration indoors that can eliminate known allergy-triggering microorganisms such as;

  • Bacteria
  • Fungus
  • Plant pollen
  • Pet Hair and Dandruff
  • Dust
  • Unpleasant Odors
  • Tobacco Smoke

What’s more, a study has shown that it is effective in reducing the risk of getting the flu virus. It is as the humidity level rises that deactivates the virus particles making it less a threat to cause infections.

Dry coughs are relieved as the airways get enough moisture, and phlegm is eradicated. 

Many people who have sleeping apnea chose to purchase these appliances because it alleviates the symptoms with ease.

Are there risks involved?

There are some considerable risks to be mindful of that can happen if the device’s water tank is filthy.

Regular cleaning is encouraged to prevent germs from breeding in a humid and dirty tank.


Researching further on the product would broaden your understanding of its proper usage. It can benefit your health, but it is essential not to rely on it solely when you are already feeling too ill.

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